What kind of LinkedIn user are you?

I came across this rather entertaining – and scarily accurate – infographic recently and thought it was well worth sharing.  Have you stopped to think about what kind of LinkedIn user you are? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is great platform to create, control and promote your ‘brand’. Just make sure it’s the right one….

[What Type of LinkedIn User Are You? By James R.C.Smith (@JamesRCS)]

A few musings…..

  • LinkedIn is a professional network and you need to consider the image you want to project. There is a fine line between self-promotion and spamming. I remain to be convinced that sharing articles/blog posts/new items every day – or in some cases, more frequently – is the way to build your reputation and credibility. There’s merit in being selective – think of yourself as an online curator.
  • If you’re a L.I.O.N, ask yourself this: would you approach a stranger in the street and give him/her your address? No? Then why would you send completely impersonal, generic messages asking to connect? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got 50 connection or 500+, you should always take the time and effort to personalise your request. Check out your recipient’s profile before you send the message and highlight an area of interest, or find some common ground.
  • Don’t get too trigger happy with the skills endorsements – either giving, or receiving. If you find that some people in your network are endorsing you for skills that you haven’t listed or don’t apply, then simply reject them. It’s up to you to create a LinkedIn profile that best reflects your professional accomplishments and career direction – only accept endorsements that really do you justice.
  • Try to be an active not a passive networker. Most LinkedIn users have no desire to acquire ‘Top Influencer’ status, but to maximise your presence online you do need to invest a bit of time and energy. Keep your profile up to date (& prune when you need to!), join relevant groups and comment occasionally in group discussions. A little effort can go a long way.

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