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How alumni ‘career stories’ can inspire you in your career journey

Coming to the end of your University journey and feeling unsure about what career options are out there for you?

We recognise that finishing your studies and taking the leap into the world of graduate working can be scary, particularly if you are unsure about which career path to choose. Here at Student Opportunity we recognise this and have been building a library of Careers Stories written by some of our alumni to help provide career inspiration as well as lots of hints, tips and advice. These short stories come from a range of difference sectors and are designed to help you either by introducing you to careers you might not have considered, or by providing reassurance that there are lots of interesting and engaging jobs out there for new graduates.

The benefits of hearing from alumni

Reading or listening to stories from Warwick alumni is incredibly valuable – they have been where you have been, may have experienced similar things and are willing to share their wisdom with you. Read their stories, take their advice and perhaps even connect with them on Linkedin – they are a ready made network and are usually very happy to connect.

The importance of listening to those who are early on in their career journey

It is always inspiring to hear from those at the top of the tree – the ones who have achieved all their goals but, taking the time to read the stories of recent graduates can be even more valuable. They have been through the recruitment process, faced rejection and might even have entered employment in a post-covid world. These are the alumni that can offer you the most relevant and reassuring advice, so make sure you make the most of it and read the stories on offer.

What sort of stories will I find?

Visit the webpage and you will find it has been handily split into 4 sectors for you – ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine’, ‘Creative, Marketing and PR’, ‘Public and Third Sector’ and ‘Finance and Law’. Under each of these banners you will find a range of difference stories, all of which provide a wealth of knowledge and advice. Read about Tom who studied French and History and now works as a Senior Broadcast Journalist for the BBC, or Caroline who graduated in 2018 and is now a plastics campaign lead for Greenpeace. Both are lucky enough to have secured jobs that match their passions and they, as well as all the other alumni story writers, have some great tips about how you can do the same.

What sort of advice can I expect to find?

Not everyone finds entering the world of work easy, some apply for numerous roles and face rejection, others start on the wrong path and have to change direction and it’s reassuring to know that this has happened to others and they have still triumphed in the end. These stories are packed full of advice about what to do if you encounter any of these hurdles – they are positive, reassuring and really useful – why wouldn’t you give them a read?!

Head over to Alumni Careers Stories ( to check them out and don’t forget to submit your own story once you have made the leap and landed your graduate job.

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