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Enhancing your employability in a post-COVID world: Graduate Survival Toolkit

This week we focus on equipping you with some careers resources. You’ll find these helpful once you leave Warwick if you are not yet sorted with a graduate job or further study offer. The information we’ve curated will support you as you go forward into the brave new post-Lockdown world. Investing time in understanding what’s important to you, what you have to offer and in learning new skills will be time well-spent.

Many of you have understandably put off making applications and decisions about your future in order to focus on your studies. As a finalist coming to the end of an intense final term of studies and exams, your ability to navigate the most challenging period in recent history should be acknowledged and admired. Congratulations on making it this far!

You are never too late to access Warwick’s careers support and resources!

Warwick Graduates can continue to access almost all our careers resources once you leave Uni. You can also book 1-1 appointments with Careers staff for 2 years post-graduation.

Once you have graduated go to our Graduates webpage and register in order to access bookable events –including Careers Fairs, Sector events and recruiter presentations.

Check out relevant posts through Warwick’s popular Careers Blog

Access our many helpful short video clips through our careers Youtube channel

Keep in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter

Search for Jobs from recruiters specifically targeting Warwick graduates through MyAdvantage

Join Warwick’s LinkedIn Alumni group and network with those who have gone before you. Search by subject discipline to see what other Historians or Philosophy grads are doing now. Find out which sectors and companies graduates are working in and connect with those working for these organisations. Many Warwick Alumni will be happy to try and help recent Warwick graduates.

Check out the benefits of joining the Warwick Alumni Community which include finding an e-mentor, access to online journals and publications and attendance at webinars/events.

We have also curated some useful external ‘extras’ in our Graduate Survival Toolkit

Some highlights:

FREE courses

The Skills Toolkit

Just before Easter, the Government launched its new learning platform with access to high-quality, digital and numeracy courses. The courses are designed to boost confidence, build skills, help progression in work and boost job prospects. Courses include Practical Maths, Computing Essentials, Personal Growth and Wellbeing, Professional Development, Business and Finance, Digital Design and Marketing, Computer Science and Coding.


Coursera offers more than 1,700 free courses. Warwick has recently given free access to students and graduates. You can add another email address that will allow you to access your account with a personal or university email.

There are a wide range of topics on offer; free courses are clearly labelled and you can search by theme. If you want to access a certificate for proof of completion, however, you will need to pay.

Jobs Boards with ‘extras’

In addition to Warwick’s job selection, here is a link to more detailed information on a range of UK jobs boards with some useful ‘extras.’

N.B. Many recruiters during Lockdown have been using their own websites to recruit through- so do keep an eye on these.

FREE questionnaires

The OfS Recently launched a really useful Graduate Employment and Skills Guide

One of these includes a link enabling recent graduates to complete a FREE online Strengths questionnaire (offer until 30th June)

N.B. Warwick Careers staff are qualified Strengths practitioners –you can book an appointment for 1-1 feedback on your Strengths profile through MyAdvantage once you have graduated. This is a really helpful way to explore how to make the best use of your unique Strengths in your job search.

Values questionnaire

Figure out what’s really important to you–see under ‘Assessments for Individuals.’

Work Values Test

Helps identify what’s likely to motivate you in the workplace

16 Personalities Questionnaire

Explore who you are and why you do the things you do

Career planner and Job Match

Career Planner explores your skills, motivations and desires. Job Match makes suggestions based on your skills to highlight possible job roles.

In summary:

Here is a link to your full Graduate Survival Toolkit Make the most of the resources and maximise your chances of securing a graduate job or further study offer.

Good luck with your futures. Don’t take rejections personally. These are extraordinary times; remember you too are extraordinary and you will be successful.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” (Calvin Coolidge)

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