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How to get valuable, global and sustainable work experience during the Covid pandemic

Stuck at home, glued to your laptop – and wanting to build on your CV and gain international experiences but not allowed to go anywhere? We get it. The world is a small place, but with travel restricted due to the Covid pandemic, how do you experience the world, create connections and build relationships with people and organisations on different continents?

Three years ago, we created ‘TeamWork’ – an international, virtual internship where you work with students from 5 other universities around the world on a project set by an external organisation. One minute you could be talking to a student in Canada – and the next, you’re having conversation with an organisation in Malaysia. Brainstorming, learning and sharing as you work together through your international project.

In the world of Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams we are lucky to be able to see other people easily, albeit through a screen. TeamWork makes the most of online connectivity to provide you with rich and life-changing international and intercultural experiences.

How it works

With TeamWork, you and your international team of 5 students will complete an organisation’s project for 4 weeks, part-time, during July 2021. Organisations providing projects and mentorship range from global multinationals to local not for profit charities – the key being that no prior experience or expertise in that sector is necessary for you to make the most of the experience in the way you wish to.

Who can apply

You can be studying any degree type, undergraduate or postgraduate Masters, study any discipline and be in any year group. TeamWork is inclusive and everyone is welcome to apply. You do not need to have prior background or experience – all you need is an appetite for international experiences and to seize the opportunity to build your CV and shape your future career path, whatever that might be.

Under-represented Student Groups and Bursary Support

Places to participate in TeamWork will be prioritised for students from demographic groups which are under-represented in higher education. For 2021, we are delighted to able to offer bursaries of £400 per student, to students from under-represented groups, who take part and complete the TeamWork virtual internship programme. These bursaries have kindly been funded by the University of Warwick Alumni Innovation Fund. More details can be found on our website

Support from the beginning

To prepare for your virtual internship there is a part-time, 8 week preparation module. It’s roughly 1-2 hours per week to coincide with your studies, revision or other commitments. The topics are designed specifically to support your virtual internship experience – and the content is led by Warwick alongside our partner universities; Monash Australia, Monash Malaysia, University of Toronto (Canada), Cornell (USA), Hong Kong University and Shanghai Jiaotong (China)).

Traditional 9am to 5pm jobs in an office may be a thing of the past as working from home, digitally, virtually, through a screen becomes easier and easier. Building relationships without having met in person is fast becoming a required skillset – as well as navigating time zones and working with those from different cultures. You can start building your knowledge and experience right here right now with TeamWork!

What do TeamWork alumni say about their experiences of the programme?

“From a practical perspective, my internship equipped me with vital professional skills, plus developed my personal growth in three key areas; empathetic leadership, capacity to deal with change and creativity. I feel this experience has prepared me for the jump from university to working life – i.e. the jump from totally independent learning to interdependent working” (English and German undergraduate 2020)

“TeaMWork has been one of the most unique experiences I’ve had at Warwick. The internship gave me a glimpse into working for a consulting firm even before I landed a job. Working with students from different universities and different time-zones really improved my collaboration, cultural and time-management skills. In an age where most companies have locations in different countries, gaining virtual project management experience at such an early age gave me a competitive advantage over other job candidates. I used my experience and learnings from the programme right from the online application stage to the final interview stage and it always was a highlight among employers.” (Economics and Politics undergraduate 2019)

“TeamWork was one of the most challenging and rewarding professional experiences I’ve had, since it encouraged me to improve my collaboration, creativity, organisational and time management skills, to name a few. Crucially, it fostered initiative and self-confidence. It also gave us the unique opportunity to work in a team virtually, something that is incredibly relevant given the current world landscape.” (MSc Behavioural Science postgraduate 2020)

TeamWork 2020 alumni comments, “As for the biggest impact of TeaMWork, I had a very hard summer with job withdrawals, being isolated at home, and, struggling with confidence due to the difficult job market. I really valued TeaMWork and I loved making new friends. It was the brightest moment of my summer and I look back on it fondly with a lot of sentimentality”. (PAIS undergraduate 2020)

Join us, on the TeamWork journey gaining the double whammy of global friends, potential employers – and unique international work experience. Find and more and apply here & join our info webinar on 28 January at 12 noon UK time.

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