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Making the most of your time at Warwick – Student Opportunity

Many students manage to pack in an amazing variety of activities while they are at Warwick.  Student Opportunity provides a wide range of activities. Visit our webpages to see how we can support you to maximise your Student Experience.

In our last Careers blog post  we covered the careers support available to you as Warwick students. This week we explore the many other fantastic opportunities available to you through Student Opportunity. Think of our offer as an opportunity to ‘pick and mix’ and personalise your Warwick experience to make it uniquely yours.


Explore some of the different ways you can develop your academic, personal and core skills. Assess your core skills and develop them to enhance your employability Warwick Core Skills  

Study Skills

Self-paced learning activities to help you develop your notetaking, speed reading, critical thinking, exam revision and more.

Academic Writing 

Develop your academic writing skills


Female students can apply for our very popular Sprint programme which is designed to build self-confidence, self-awareness, cultivate friendships and peer support and opportunities to network with high-profile senior female leaders.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme

Are you considering a career in research or academia? An Undergraduate Research Support Scheme placement (typically in the summer of your 2nd or 3rd year of study) is a great way to experience the rewards and challenges of research. Participate in active research, working with an academic supervisor. Even if you ultimately decide postgraduate study isn’t for you, the skills and experiences gained on URSS can demonstrate your transferable employability skills to potential recruiters. Applications open early autumn term.

Work Experience

Work experience will significantly enhance your chances of securing a graduate job. Learn how to make the most of work experience; how to improve your chances of securing work experience- virtually or in-person- and explore our online learning resources and webinars on this topic.

Making global connections

The Global Connections Community is a great way to interact with other students at Warwick; and in this time of social distancing, an excellent way to meet people outside your halls/ your course! 

We are running regular Global Connections Club events to help you interact with each other; or you can set up your own events to suit your interests! We’ve also created a space within the Global Connections Community to help you connect with other students who are self-isolating, if you wish to. There’s also a set of suggested challenges to help you pass the time during self-isolation if you need to!

‘Virtual’ international internships

Are you looking to gain international experiences? Collaborate with students from different global universities? Make connections with organisations and develop skills to shape your career path?  Join our established TeaMWork virtual international internship programme – taking place in the summer term 2021.

TeaMWork brings together a multi-disciplinary team of six students, from three universities – Warwick, Monash Australia and Monash Malaysia – to collaborate on an organisation’s project. The virtual internship runs part-time for three weeks and requires a commitment of up to 10 hours per week, on a part-time, flexible basis.  In the lead-up to the internship, there is a preparation and induction programme including working with your project team of 6. More details about the programme and how to apply will be available in early 2021.

Warwick Volunteers

Find your space, make the world a better place, grow through experience and develop skills.  WV (Warwick Volunteers) is an ideal way to make your most out of your extra-curricular time at Warwick; make new friends for life and begin to write those stories that will enhance your career potential when you graduate.  From flexible volunteer that suits you, to taking responsibility through the leadership pathway, WV aims to give you a life shaping experience.

Intercultural Training

You can access the training through a combination of workshops and online materials. Take a look at the 3-part Intercultural Training Programme. It’s designed to help you make the most of the incredibly culturally diverse environment here at the University, but also to boost your ability to develop and articulate your intercultural competence – vital in the ever more global and interconnected world of work. Completing the two highly interactive virtual workshops and moodle entitles you to a certificate or recognition on your HEAR. Sign up now on the World at Warwick website. 

Student Mobility

Interested in gaining international experience during your time at Warwick? You could study or work abroad for a year (usually adds a year on to your degree and undertaken in Year 3 before returning to Warwick for final year). Find out more here.

You could undertake a short study, work, research or volunteering experience during the Easter or summer vacation period (and apply for exclusive funding opportunities). Join the mailing list and find out more

Immigration & Compliance

Student Immigration & Compliance team provide expert immigration services to non-UK students from pre-arrival through to graduation and beyond, seeking to influence government to deliver a fair and simple immigration system.  

We provide specialist immigration advice on Student Visa applications; appropriate visas for studying including part time and distance learning courses; visas for travelling in Europe and for attending Graduation; visas for working in the UK and any other UK visa related matters. We issue visa related status/ support letters and distribute BRP card to new students. Apart from student advice, we are also responsible for Tier 4 Licence Compliance and UKVI Audit.  

Next time….more on our forthcoming Festival of Careers

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