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How to help to shape young people’s lives with Ark Teacher Training

We all have that one teacher that we will never ever forget. That one teacher that pushed us to be the best that we can be, to instil thoughts within us that we never thought could be planted. I most definitely had a teacher like that – my Year 11 History teacher – a person that pushed me to do A Levels and later on pushed me to embark on a degree course at Warwick. Would you like to be a driving force in someone’s life?

Your social impact

Gaining a good education is one of the most important routes to bettering a life. Education acts as a key to unlocking a door, where you enter, and a world of opportunities and valuable life experiences become apparent. In the United Kingdom, that key is not easily accessible to everyone. Disadvantaged children in the UK face significant barriers if they are to improve their socio-economic position through higher education or an apprenticeship.

There are around 1.2M students in receipt of free school meals in the UK. Around 4M children live in the top 25% of the UK’s most deprived areas. These statistics highlight the unfair starting point that some children have, compared to children that have grown up in more affluent areas – who are more likely to attend the best schools in the UK as a result. The support given to the more affluent children means that they already have the upper hand in getting the better paid jobs and enjoying all the good things that life offers.

It should be remembered that life shouldn’t stop there for students because of their unfair social position. Children spend most of their youth life in the care of their teachers – which means that teachers have the capacity and time frame to influence and encourage their students. Becoming a teacher means that not only can you help to bridge the unfair gap between richer students and economically deprived ones by giving them an education – you will help to impact a child’s mental state and give them hope for not only themselves but for generations that follow them.

How you can inspire children and make a difference 

Ark teacher

Ark Teacher Training is a teacher training company that provides outstanding quality education in deprived areas in London, Birmingham, Hastings and Portsmouth. Ark exists to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, have access to a high-quality education… and that is where you come in!

As a graduate (or future graduate) of the University of Warwick, you can apply the skills and knowledge gained from this world class institution to the hearts of classrooms across the UK. Our training programme will equip you with the skills needed to become the best teacher. You will gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the first year, followed by a comprehensive Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) programme.

You will be equipped with an in-school coach, as well as an Ark Tutor. Your coach will meet with you every week to guide you through the practices of being a teacher, which includes lesson planning, how to mark and watching your lessons to give you valuable and tailored feedback. To add on, the training sessions will focus on key elements of teaching such as, behaviour management and the curriculum… so you will not be alone!

If I have convinced you to consider an application please visit how to apply

Concluding points

Female High School Teacher Sitting At Table With Students Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablets In LessonTeaching is definitely a rewarding vocation. In the midst of the unfortunate events in the world today, we have all come to realise the true everlasting, vital and prominent impact of teachers in our society. So why not join this amazing world of true ‘social influencers’ and lead the new generation. Become a teacher and leave a lasting legacy.

Angel Boateng is a 2nd year Sociology student at the University of Warwick and also a brand ambassador for Ark Teacher Training


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