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What to do when you have no experience

You may remember Guns ‘n Roses used this strategy in the 90’s, releasing 2 albums simultaneously on the same day. Today we are publishing two blogs on the theme of how a candidate makes their application stand out if they have no, or little, formal work experience. Ashleigh Green, a History of Art undergraduate at Warwick shares her perspective.

We’ve all been there. Hit by the sudden realisation that you need a job. Unfortunately, experience is a common pre-requisite for most jobs. But how do you gain experience if no-one is willing to employ you without it? Below are five top tips to help boost your job profile!

Don’t let inexperience paralyse you

Unqualified to qualified conceptsIn fact, you may not be as inexperienced as you think! Every little helps whether its joining a sports team or giving campus tours as these are the things that will develop your skill set. So don’t be fearful, and join in on as many campus activities as possible as everything is useful experience in the long run.

Join Societies

Secondly, remember that everything is experience. Did you complete the Duke of Edinburgh? Yes? That’s experience! No? Well, that’s okay too as you can utilise the endless opportunities available at the University across hundreds of societies. This is  important as getting involved in societies allows you to develop transferable skills that may be useful in the job market. The Warwick University Drama Society, for example,  may enhance your public speaking skills!

Network (Volunteering)

Multiethnic hands raised under word "volunteer"Societies just aren’t for you? Fair enough. Volunteering can be another good way to get involved and develop the skills that will set your CV apart! Volunteering opportunities are available in numerous sectors from education to health and social care so there is something for everyone. Working as a volunteer ensures you experience the job world first-hand, ultimately developing skills in teamwork and communication. It can also offer networking opportunities as people from all walks of life spend their free time volunteering and these people may be the key to your future! The University of Warwick has a variety of volunteering opportunities available.


Fairly obvious but it is important to research your desired profession. In a job description, you will often notice the dreaded ‘essentials’ section which lists the traits required in an applicant for them to be considered for the job. Perhaps consider creating your own list of common pre-requisites in order to begin building the perfect career profile.

Apply. Apply! Miracles do happen

Text sign showing Apply Now. Conceptual photo Make a formal application for a job right away Take action Marker over notebook crumpled papers ripped pages several tries mistakesLastly, stop worrying and simply apply. Sometimes the unexpected happens and employers take a chance on an inexperienced newbie. So take the plunge and APPLY! You will never know if you don’t try. You can find opportunities listed on the University of Warwick’s careers website

Lastly, it is important to note that although it may seem so, the job market is not impregnable to the inexperienced. Simply start boosting your CV with the above tips and watch the inaccessible become accessible!


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