Recent Warwick graduates share top career tips

Graduation is always a joyous occasion; graduates catching up with their friends and celebrating their academic achievements, accompanied by proud parents, family members and partners. Also if you’re lucky, sunshine. And there was certainly plenty of that this year, as Warwick graduates, guests and staff wilted quietly in the heat.

We caught up with a number of former students,  where several were happy to tell us about their career plans and what they felt had contributed to their success in securing their job or further study offers. For students returning this autumn who will take their turn in the limelight next summer or the summer after, there is still time to take advantage of the hints and tips from these recent graduates.

We wish all our recent graduates well and will be following up with those of you who would like help securing jobs or further study. Remember, as Warwick graduates you are entitled to careers support for life. We still have over 800 graduate level jobs available across several different sectors.

For those students returning this autumn, we will be providing at least 150 opportunities during the year for you to meet graduate recruiters from different sectors, through careers fairs, events and presentations as well as alumni events in departments. 70% of recruiters do not mind what degree you are studying so make the most of the opportunities to explore and find out what kinds of careers might suit you. Make the most of the careers support available to you while you are at University and keep an eye on our website to check what’s happening.

For returning Finalists we will be holding a Careers Event ‘Finalists Get Ahead’ the week before term starts, so if you are back on campus and keen to get a head start on your career preparation before you are swamped with coursework and revision, look out for more details on the Careers website and to book.

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