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Digital Marketing? Is it for you?

If you’re thinking about a career, have you ever considered digital marketing? It’s an ever expanding industry that rewards both analytical and creative minds alike. If you’re looking for a career that encourages you to be creative, inventive and passionate, then Emma Davies of Croud suggests that the world of digital marketing has a lot to offer.

What is Digital Marketing?

“In its most simple form, digital marketing is the promotion of services, brands or products across various digital spaces. However, it’s so much more than that. Every client has different goals. Some companies want to expand their brand awareness and increase traffic, while others want to target new audiences.

Similarly, there is no one method of digital marketing. The internet is full of blogs, advert campaigns, viral videos and more. People browse the internet on their laptops, tablets and phones, so there’s a range of advertising approaches to make the most of this vast potential. All of this requires digital marketing specialists. This is where companies like Croud come in.

The Current State of Digital Marketing


There has never been a better time to join digital marketing. The industry is very relevant in the twenty-first century.  Entire businesses operate online and even those that have a physical presence (such as high street retail chains), are increasingly relying on their digital presence.

Digital marketing is an ever evolving landscape. It incorporates some very technical and fluid aspects, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). These change regularly enough to keep the industry fresh and alive. Companies need to compete against each other and digital marketing offers a way to react dynamically, taking into account the latest industry updates.

It is pretty clear that this industry is only going to grow and expand. The internet is moving into everything –  the Internet of Things is the most common term for this phenomenon – and with it, digital marketing needs will only increase and develop. When the World Wide Web moves beyond phones and laptops to home appliances, cars and more, the ability to reach people will expand exponentially. Clients will want to capitalise on this and we will be there to help them!


Pay_per_clickOne of the methods of Digital Marketing that Croud specialises in is Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC for short. This is a digital advertising model that typically displays on search engines, using the entered keywords to deliver the targeted messages. The most common and primary example of this is Google AdWords, which is the system behind the paid adverts which appear on Google search engine result pages or SERPs. Clients pay for each click, as this represents a possible customer moving directly to their website.

Naturally, this represents huge opportunities for clients looking to get high positions on SERPs. This would require a PPC account and the creation of targeted adverts, keyword selections and the creation of various campaigns, all designed to match the client’s given products and services. For this to happen, an executive or specialist would oversee this entire process, working with the customer to deliver the best and most eye-catching adverts available. PPC represents a strong return on investment for companies, and as each keyword can be measured for success there are many opportunities through data analysis to continually implement new strategies.

Career Opportunities


Croud is an independent digital marketing agency that has been named Google’s fastest growing agency for the last two years. There are opportunities for PPC account executives to join their team in the Shrewsbury office. As there are currently no degrees in PPC marketing the Croud recruitment process involves looking at the candidate’s transferrable skills. These would primarily be:

An analytical mind-set, coupled with the courage to take a calculated risk.

A creative flair to allow projects to be approached in an abstract manner to achieve new results.

Meticulous attention to detail to ensure clients brand messaging is correct and trends can be detected and acted on.

Exceptional time management skills to ensure tight deadlines are met and clients’ expectations are exceeded.

Excellent communication skills to allow writing of useful insight on client reports, presenting performance data to internal and external clients as well as aiding with building rapport.

What does the job of an account executive involve?

Writing engaging and effective PPC adverts, using keyword research to get the best results

Adjusting your bid strategies to get the best results and reacting to new developments

Being aware of the client’s needs, looking out for potential trends and taking action when needed

Blog writing and helping with training materials

Analysing and optimising existing accounts to make them more effective

Working with our Croudie Network, the Croud network of over 500 freelance digital experts located globally, to complete all tasks associated with campaign management.

Alongside this, you get to work in a business that encourages self-discovery and the ability to always learn something new. You also get to be part of a passionate company that has offices in Shrewsbury, London, Sydney and New York, as well as businesses and clients from all over the globe.

This video that features some of the team members at Croud highlights why Croud is a great place to work as well as a great company to do business with.”




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