It all starts here

Welcome to the new Careers blog, it’s good to have you on board! We hope this will be the first of many visits…

The blogosphere can be a noisy, crowded place – everyone has something to say. So why should you listen to us? Well, try this for starters:

1. We know how busy life can be for Warwick students. It’s hard enough trying to reconcile the demands of your course with extra-curricular commitments; finding the time to source, read and digest all the careers related stuff is just adding another thing to your ‘must do’ list. This is where we come in. Our team of experienced careers professionals have their antennae raised and know where and how to find the information that really counts. They will be using this blog to share ‘news and views’ on graduate recruitment, job and sector information as well as top tips to help you plan the next stage.

2. We will be asking recruiters for their thoughts, recommendations and insights – they’re really well placed to share the snippets you’ll need to ‘get in and get on’, whatever sector or career path you decide to follow. Expect some interesting and lively guest posts around recruitment strategies, social media, interview dos/don’ts, as well as the general low down on Gen Y applicants.

3. There will be links and information about key careers events on campus and further afield but we won’t be using the blog to promote everything we do. With over 200 unique events we’d lose the plot and you’d lose interest. If you want to know what we’re doing on a weekly basis then sign up for the myAdvantage newsletter and check our homepage for news and events.

We’re not going to make any assumptions about your career interests, job readiness or future plans. This blog is for all students – from first years to taught postgrads – and there’ll be articles, news and resources covering a range of topics. Whether you’re a first year wanting to make an early start, or a finalist without a clue, there’ll be something here for you. And if not, get in touch and let us know. Read, follow, comment: make this your space!